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Asterix’s new album will be titled “The White Lily”

The next album of the adventures of Asterix, entitled “The White Lily”, will be published on October 26, 2023 and will have an initial circulation of five million copies worldwide.

Fabrice Caro, alias Fabcaro, the new screenwriter for the adventures of Asterix, explains in the press kit that The White Lily is the name of a new current of “positive thinking that emerged in Rome and began to spread to the main cities.” Empire. Caesar believes that this approach can have a beneficial effect on the Roman camps that surround the famous village of the irreducible Gauls, and the precepts of that school also reach the locals who cross their path.

Caro mentions that she was looking for a title that followed the lines set by Goscinny and Uderzo, who often embodied the theme of each album in a physical object or person. Some earlier examples are Asterix and the Cauldron, The Fortune Teller, The Great Ditch, The Arverni Shield, and The Golden Sickle. In this case, the lily symbolizes benevolence and plenitude, or at least that is what is expected.

Didier Conrad, the illustrator for the Asterix comic series since Asterix and the Picts in 2013, mentions that he loves meeting “our friends the Gauls” and drawing them in unusual situations, affected by the effects of a new way of thinking, The White Lily, which arrives from Rome.

On the cover of this new edition, you can see Asterix, Obelix and the village chief, Abraracúrcix, next to a tree. Opencurcix appears with his head down and sitting on the ground. One of the messages that can be read in this album is: “To illuminate a forest, it is enough for a lily to bloom.”

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